Frenquently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

There can be a lot of questions when it comes to the purchase of a new inground Spa (Hot Tub). As with any large project it is always recommended to hire an expert. Grecian Spas wants to help in anyway possible. Here is our New Frequently Asked Questions Page filled with real life questions and honest and true answers from our staff of industry old timers.

We have a hot tub at our facility and it needs to be replaced. What do I do first?

You MUST contact your local Building and Health Departments to determine and acquire your local requirement’s and the rules for your State.

Why do I need to contact the Government first?

Public and semi-public pools and spas are regulated and monitored for Health and Public Safety, as well as the protection for the property owner. Residential customers use a different set of rules.

Why are Grecian Spas Accepted above all others for Public installations?

Time is the answer. The average Life Expectancy of a Grecian Spa is 20 years with normal ware and tear. As in the early days We use only the finest materials available in our manufacturing process with no compromise to cost.

As you do not install and only supply the Pre-Plumbed Spa Shell how do we get it installed?

You MUST use a Licensed Contractor in and Approved for your area. If you are in a very remote area and have no one (very rare) and have mechanical abilities it is possible that an approved installation can be achieved.

Why must my full payment be included with my order?

Your new Grecian Spas hot tub will be crafted from the finest materials available and uniquely configured to your exacting specifications your payment guarantees your new spa is a one of a kind and is never a “off the shelf” one size fits all” “give you a my way or the highway unit”. Your commitment with full payment is your security and guarantee you will receive exactly what you want and need.

Why does it take 4 weeks to build my spa?

Well facts are it doesn’t on average it is 2 weeks, however, things happen, Grecian Spas uses the State of the Art machinery to manufacturer your new hot tub occasionally this machinery is found not to be functioning properly and will not produce a perfect product at that time production must stop for repairs, Thus 4 weeks or sooner is all we can do.

How does Shipping Work?

Shipping is 3rd party F.O.B. (Freight On Board) (Loaded onto your Truck) Our Factory Odessa, Texas, Grecian Spas uses a Shipping Broker to find a Flatbed Truck transport for your convenience the customer is responsible for all ship to your location and proper machinery for offloading, manpower is not recommended.

What is IAPMO and why do I need it?

IAPMO is a Independent Testing Laboratory Recognized by most State Agencies, Health and Building Departments in the U.S. and Canada. Grecian Spas hires IAPMO to test our Products to Federal Standards IAPMO/ANSI Z 124.7-2013 for Quality Assurance and Listing Compliance. Our Factory is on-site Inspected every year at a random times, unannounced.

How am I sure I get what I Need?

Grecian Spas has A vast Library of Engineering Drawings for most areas and if we do not have exactly what you need for your Health and Building Department Grecian Spas has the ability to Issue you a New Drawing with all additions and exclusions specific to Your Project and Manufacture Your New Spa to Exacting Specifications.

Why would I Choose Acrylic surface over “Centrex” (Rovel)?
To tell the truth, it’s a matter of density, Acrylic is a far denser (harder) surface the same material as your home bath “Centrex” aka (Rovell) is a softer material, subject to UV problems and is not allowed By I.A.P.M.O. for Spas (Hot tub) for commercial installations, the product failed the Standards of IAPMO/ANSI Z 124.7 2013

I really like the Stainless Steel Spas (Hot Tubs) is there something I should know?

Beautiful and Creative I like them also until I read this study Stainless Steel Pool Design


Your Grecian Spas Sales Representative Has All the answers to your questions Call them 1-888-292-3890