Grecian Spas is here to Help!

There can be a lot of questions when it comes to the purchase of a new inground Spa (Hot Tub). As with any large project it is always recommended to hire an expert. Grecian Spas wants to help in anyway possible.

Coming Soon: A Frequently Asked Questions page filled with real life questions and honest and true answers from our staff of industry old timers.

Need an installation manual for your new spa?

The Grecian Spas line has been the premium choice for many years as it was in the past it is as the present our 1976 installation manual still applies.

Need your state & local Health Department Codes?

Grecian Spas has researched many websites and have put links here to help you better understand what your requirements are for Commercial Installations.

For Technical Assistance on Grecian Spas Prior to May 2003 please Call 661-288-0274.

After May 2003 or for Technical Questions About our Current Models Please Call 888-292-3890.