Residential Spas

Welcome to our line of residentialĀ spas!

Thank You for your interest in our products! Grecian Spas wants to assist in any way possible in choosing a Model to meet your needs. By choosing a Grecian Spa, quality is assured and quality is not compromised. Please contact our sales office for your unique needs.



This true kidney will enhance any property anywhere it’s installed.

Perfect Spa

Perfect Spa

Big jets, little jets, swim spa jets your choice. We build it from scratch so you can have it your way.

Pandora 838p

Pandora 838p

This is the most sought-after Model in the Grecian Spas Residential line.

Venus 810r

Venus 810r

This Model has enough room to seat 12 people so don’t forget to invite the entire team.

Urania 840


This Model is perfect for any home. The oval design complements any decor.

The Parthenon


This Model is our go to little guy for limited access areas and inside locations.